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Why It’s Important to Schedule an Air Conditioning Repair Service

Noises coming from your air conditioning system are a warning sign that something is wrong. If you hear clunking or grinding sounds, this is probably a sign that something is loose. The loose part should be tightened or replaced. If you keep running your air conditioning unit with these noises, you may end up doing further damage.

Another common problem is worn parts. Your air conditioning repair service technician will check for worn parts and replace them if necessary. They will also check the thermostat and control system to make sure they are operating properly. The technician will also check for any buildup in the condensation drain. This can be a major problem, but it is easy to repair.

If you’re looking for air conditioning repair service in NYC, you’ll want to call a company that has a proven track record. In addition to providing quality air conditioning repair service, the staff at Jones Services are certified HVAC technicians. They can handle everything from repairs to installation. The company’s technicians are also highly experienced in home generators.

During the spring season, it’s important to have your air conditioner checked by a professional. A licensed HVAC technician will clean your system and make sure there’s no water in your system. They also check for dirt and debris that can get into the unit and prevent it from cooling properly. Additionally, the technicians will calibrate your thermostat and ensure it’s properly installed. It’s also necessary to clean the fins of your air conditioning unit to prevent the formation of ice in the AC.

Another common problem affecting your air conditioning system is the presence of mold. The presence of mold causes your system to emit foul odors. Mold grows in moist places, which is why it’s important to have a professional AC repair service come out and remove the mold and bacteria in the air. The technician can also repair cracked condensate drain lines and repair the unit’s electrical components.

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